What can you expect from the PSS sleep apnoea program?

If loud snoring, restless sleep, irritability or poor concentration sounds familiar you may be at risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Visit your nearest local pharmacy offering the PSS program today and start taking action.
NO waitlist or GP referral required!

Unlike other sleep apnoea programs that run level 1 and level 2 sleep testing, you don’t need a GP referral to assess your sleep apnoea concerns; you can walk into your pharmacy off the street, discuss your concerns and access the sleep apnoea therapy you need right away.

Plus, you don’t need to visit your GP for a referral letter before getting tested. This means that you can get the solution you need more quickly.

Progress through the PSS program in seven simple steps:

Step 1: Screening

Your pharmacy can help you tackle sleep apnoea. There are a number of signs that could indicate you may be at risk of sleep apnoea, including:

  • Which scripts you order – did you know that 58% of T2 diabetes patients have OSA? And 85% of people who take blood pressure
    medication have OSA?
  • Your score on the OSA screening questionnaire
  • Your interest in on-shelf stimulants, insomnia and anti-snoring products and/or a display of cpap machines
  • Conversations you have and concerns you express with your pharmacist

Take our screening questionnaire now. Click here.

Step 2: Diagnosis part 1

If your pharmacist identifies you present signs of sleep apnoea and your score on the screening questionnaire also indicates towards you experiencing some level of the condition they will recommend you the Home Sleep test diagnostic device to take home for a non-invasive sleep study.

The device is very simple to use. Your pharmacist will show you how to set it up in just a few minutes.

Step 3: Diagnosis part 2

Return the Home Sleep Test device to your pharmacy the next day so your pharmacist can download and send the recorded data to PSS for evaluation and validation.

Your unique results will be processed and reported on by a qualified and certified sleep physician.

Step 4:  Your results are ready

In just 7-10 days your customised sleep study results are returned to your pharmacy.

Your pharmacist will receive a summary of your sleep study data.  If your results are positive, the sleep physician will also provide recommendation for sleep apnoea treatment.

Step 5: At-home CPAP product trial

Using your unique sleep study results, your pharmacist will recommended the best sleep apnoea therapy and CPAP equipment for you to trial for a 4-week period.

Step 6:  Regular follow-ups during trial

You can visit your pharmacy whenever you like with your mask and CPAP device so they can:

  • Download collected data
  • Stay on top of your therapy and make any adjustments necessary to ensure you are comfortable with therapy
  • Address any issues as they arise

Step 5: End of trial

After four weeks your CPAP device trial ends. You and your pharmacist will evaluate the effectiveness and health and lifestyle benefits of the CPAP therapy on your condition. You can also decide to purchase the equipment to continue your therapy.

Ongoing, unlimited support

When you receive sleep apnoea therapy in-pharmacy, you get continued, personalised face to face support.

Even after you’ve finished your CPAP trial, your pharmacy will be available to you. This means that, you can always pop in and consult your pharmacist about:

  • Tracking the progress of your therapy
  • Making any necessary adjustments
  • Discussing your changing needs

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