The most effective OSA treatment

Once a patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the recommended treatment. A CPAP machine prevents a patient’s upper airway from collapsing during sleep by providing a flow of air through the nose and/or mouth using a specialised mask.

CPAP masks

The mask is a crucial aspect of CPAP therapy. There are three types of CPAP masks:

  • Nasal – fits over the nose, covering the areas from the bridge of the nose down to the upper lip. Ideal for users who breathe strictly through their noses.

  • Nasal pillow (nasal direct and under the nose) – smallest of the CPAP masks, resting on the user’s upper lip as it blows pressurized air through two soft nasal tubes that insert into the nostrils creating a seal around the base of the nostrils, and is secured by straps that go around the head.

  • Full face – covering the nose and mouth these masks are ideal for mouth-breathers and those that haven’t worked well with the nasal mask/chinstrap combination.

The unique needs of each patient will influence which mask will be most suitable.

Male using Nasal CPAP Dreamwear mask when going to bed

– Dreamwear

Man getting ready for sleep apnoea therapy using a Dreamwear full face CPAP mask

Full face
– Dreamwear full face mask

Man getting ready for bed with the Dreamwear nasal gel pillows CPAP mask for sleep apnoea treatment

Nasal pillows
– Dreamwear gel pillows

Explaining how a CPAP machine works and the benefits it has for OSA-affected patients is the most important step in ensuring successful treatment. Not only will CPAP improve a patient’s snoring, but it will improve their health and quality of life.

Starting therapy

Life with therapy

Adjusting to therapy

The best in CPAP

PSS is the only pharmacy-based sleep apnoea program which offers pharmacies and patients access to all the market leading brands including:

DeVilbiss Blue Auto, pharmacy exclusive CPAP machine

In fact, we are the only program in Australia who can offer pharmacies access to the DeVilbiss Blue Auto – a pharmacy-exclusive CPAP machine.

Learn how your pharmacy can become a trusted local authority on the best in CPAP therapy treatment for sleep apnoea.

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